SETSA Trainee Grants for Travel or Research Projects

Grants up to £1000 may be made by a subcommittee of the president, secretary and either the president-elect or immediate past president to an applicant who is an anaesthetic trainee in any SETSA hospital.

Read Dr Claire Daly’s report on two months spent on the Zambia Anaesthesia Development Project (ZADP), supported by a SETSA grant.

Read Dr Chandni Parikh’s report where she used her travel grant to volunteer in Zambia.

This application would normally be in writing supported by a SETSA representative in their hospital. See the application form, available as a Word document or PDF file.

The subcommittee may set conditions on the Grant. The subcommittee would be limited to a maximum of three grants in any period between SETSA representative meetings and would present the reasons for the grant at the next meeting.